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Audiomack Upscale Boost Packages


Basic Pack

$ 10
  • 2K Plays
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe

Standard Pack

$ 20
  • 5K Plays
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe

Pro Pack

$ 50
  • 10K Plays
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe

UltraPro Pack

$ 90
  • 25K Plays
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe

Elevate Your Tracks with Unbeatable Audiomack Promotion Services

Music Plays Hut | MPH

Music Plays Hut is the place where your fame begins. We have been a leading music promotion company within this industry for 5 consecutive years and for onwards. With a team of seasoned professionals deeply passionate about music, marketing, and technology, we understand the unique challenges faced by artists in today’s competitive market. Whether you’re a budding talent looking to make your mark or an established artist aiming to reach new heights, we have the expertise to craft customized music marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. From digital advertising and social media management to content creation, press coverage, and strategic partnerships, we’re committed to helping you build a loyal fan base and achieve your musical aspirations. Join us on a journey where creativity meets data-driven strategies, and let’s make your music the centerpiece of a thriving and influential brand.

The Pivotal Role of Audiomack Propagation

Audiomack operates as a portal for artists to unveil their musical tapestries to a global audience. However, the mere act of uploading auditory gems does not ensure the plaudits you rightly deserve. This is where the choreography of strategic Audiomack promotion assumes the mantle, aiding you in amplifying your resonance, magnetizing an augmented audience, and ultimately elevating your artistic trajectory.

Synergy of Excellence and Affordability with us

In the quest for superlative Audiomack promotion services, the marketplace burgeons with pretenders to the throne, each clamoring for the moniker of preeminence. However, the true litmus test lies in the confluence of affordability and excellence. We empathize with the pecuniary encumbrances that often besiege artists, especially those poised at the inception of their journey. Our commitment to accentuating your singular tonal signature propels us to present premier Audiomack promotion at a valuation that does not strain your fiscal compass.

Audiomack Promotion Within Reach

We hold the credo that the intrinsic value of your sonorous odes transcends quantification, emancipated from the caprices of pecuniary solicitations. This veneration coexists harmoniously with judicious fiscal accessibility. Partake in an eclectic assemblage of promotional cadences meticulously tailored to your proclivities, all ensconced within a fiscal matrix painstakingly woven to mirror your aspirations.

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Our Vow, Your Safeguard

Our unwavering faith in the potency of our Audiomack promotion services propels us to unveil a resolute guarantee – an unerring 100% money-back pledge. This covenant encapsulates our unwavering commitment to your artistic ascension. Should tangible fruition elude your chronicle within the stipulated epoch, comprehensive restitution remains at your disposal. This pledge embodies our credence in your triumph and the conviction that our services wield the power to redefine narratives.

Why Engage Us?

  • Our phalanx of virtuosos ushers in an illustrious legacy in the sphere of musical propagation, bequeathing your compositions into the hands of seasoned experts throughout the promotion scheme.
  • Acknowledging the distinctive essence that defines each artist, we tailor our promotional choreography to resonate with your tonal motif and synchronize with your earmarked audience.
  • The artistry of affordability, untethered from the specter of qualitative compromise, unfurls as our magnum opus.
  • Through the sinuous labyrinth of promotion, we uphold unwavering transparency. Insights and reports unfurl the trajectory of your expedition, serving as celestial markers on your odyssey.


Your harmonious oeuvre merits the limelight requisite for its flourishing. With our economical yet transformative Audiomack promotion services, you are but a few strides away from the acclaim you have been relentlessly pursuing. Bid adieu to the labyrinthine odyssey in search of resonance and embrace a future where your harmonious reverberations ensnare a more extensive audience. Settle for naught but the zenith – unfetter the latent potential within Audiomack promotion with us. Recall, your triumph corresponds to our triumph, underwritten by an unerring 100% money-back pledge. Inaugurate your sojourn today, and let your harmonies find their resonant echoes

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