We are accurate on the refund initiation on to be provide the most comrade legal activation with the site users. Our manually actuated team and the modest technical assistance work to fulfill the mean time projects. For more customer care we fine with refund policy actuation in site intakes. We are on extreme edition of fully refund on the dissatisfied and error coded fine projects. In the mean IPO model (Input-Process-Output prototype) of our refund policy is a user friendly target of the site with direct communication tenders. We do concerns the following timeline for the refund policy as an extra ordinary service offer.

  • The consecutive orders of the projects are coded with reference numbers. For any issues of the cancellation of the orders are allows within 4 hours after the first inception occurs.
  • Base on the fully and absolute completed projects do not eligible of requesting with refund.
  • For overdue projects and system error encrypted orders do fully/slightly refund do permitted with MPH standard basis.
  • The orders do work depending on the right regulation of the purchased package. Therefore the completion of the promotion minute with the separate manners in process. The orders are not allowed to be cancel within promotion occurs.
  • For the dissatisfied privilege occurrence of the promotion, we do eligible with customers care facilities on to find next appropriate solutions in cases.



  • The refunds are only payable with the authentic systems that the payee did set up the payment during ordering. The site is mainly offered with card payments, PayPal compensation and Unitpay sub categories of paybacks for the relevant issues do accessible within us.
  • The refund policy schemes on legal coverage and quality confirmation with the payment issues will take up to 4-7 days of action.
  • All the refund addition will undergo with the pertinent methods of validation within our site rule and regulation. Refund will be added to separate accounts with average length of time of the refund policy schedule of MPH bids for user concerns.


We as the main service hosting company we do kind offers with legal concerns. The refunds are applicable with the all matters, all you got to do to inform the complete case via e-mail. We are quick access with whatsapp control help also. Our control supporting team is available at 24/7 for your valuable demands. Music Plays Hut stipulates the possible service that do displayed on the site walls. Do contact our support in all your questions and troubles. We are in minute for your aid.

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